10 Surprising Reasons Why Kids Should Play Pool

When your youngster takes an interest in pool, this is a good thing. In fact, it’s awesome! Whether it’s the clacking of the colorful balls or the technical “how to” that attracts your child, introducing them to playing pool is beneficial in a number of ways, some of them not so readily apparent.

Studies have revealed key reasons why children benefit from cue sports. Most parents understand the value of their child participating in sports, but pool isn’t as typical for kids to enter into as tee-ball or basketball.
The game can appeal to a wider variety of children since it isn’t physically exhaustive. Children who are not as rough and tumble may not be as drawn to more physical, outdoors sports. Pool might appeal to children who like puzzle games or games of strategy, such as chess.

As exceptional and impressive as billiards prodigies are, children don’t have to be one to be very good at billiards. Your child may have unfettered confidence since they haven’t experienced many failures that can build mental blocks.

It doesn’t take a big person to play, and some children want to grab a cue and play their own mock game as early as toddlerhood. When encouraged early enough, they can eventually win games against mom or dad!

The benefits that can result from children learning to play cue sports are definitely points to consider:

1. It teaches kids problem solving and how to develop strategies. For example, if the situation of the balls on the table doesn’t present a good shot, they can learn to take shots that will set their opponents at a disadvantage.

2. They learn situational logic. This leads to formulation of different ideas and strategies depending on a given situation.

3. Billiards offers character-building benefits. Your child will learn one of the basic tenets of sportsmanship which is to understand that they can’t always win and to congratulate opponents when they gain a victory over them.

4. Children can realize when they make mistakes. They can learn to analyze when the wrong step or action was taken and learn from it, which can apply to other areas in their life.

5. Pool improves hand-eye coordination. Abundant evidence proves that sharpening this functional skill improves hand writing and other fine motor skill activities. This also improves a child’s confidence, as they are less likely to be clumsy. Children with weak hand-eye coordination have trouble gripping objects and aiming, which can accidentally class them as learning disabled in certain academic contexts.

6. It can be a gateway to other sports. When a child is more confident in the functioning of their own motor skills, they may feel up to trying other sports, also.

7. They can become more spatially aware, which improves abilities later such as driving a car or adopting a craft.

8. Pool is mathematical. It teaches kids to make mental calculations and make mental judgements about distance, angle and speed required for the cue ball to reach the object ball and land it in a pocket.

9. The game helps build focus. Playing pool requires a great deal of concentration, and the act of placing such focus in the context of fun is a positive way to train kids’ minds to reign in their focus to one action.

10. The game ties together the whole family. You can create a rewarding bonding experience with your children over family game nights around the pool table.


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